Pinnacle FC 15 Set For 12/17 In Pittsburgh

I haven't posted much lately because to be perfectly honest, I am half disinterested, half disgusted, half too busy to fuck around and write some half-assed, probably misspelled post spouting half truths about how great everything is.

Because truthfully there just isn’t that much great stuff going on right now in the local combat sports world.  At least in my half-assed opinion.

With that amazing introduction leading us into this next un-bastardized literary stanza I am happy (in theory) to announce that Pinnacle FC will be making its 15th appearance at the end of the year and we are heading back to the city of Champyins.   

Our next event will be 12/17 at the Teamsters Hall in the hipster capital of the world, Lawrenceville.   This is a small but fantastic venue right in the heart of the city and has played host to countless fights over the decades, including one or two featuring yours truly.

The venue is the smallest we’ve used so tickets will be extremely limited from the start.  I don’t have a ton of details for the card as of yet but I will tell you that I am going to keep things simple.  8-10 great match ups that I give a shit about and it’s a wrap.  Because let’s be real here, no one really cares to see two underskilled out of towners windmill 30 seconds of sloppy shit at each other before gassing and holding on to each other like the final scene in Titanic.

Bloomfield native and regional star Mark Cherico will be back in action against a to-be-announced opponent and we are also working on bringing Dom Mazzotta back in pending his contractual situations.  Pinnacle has survived and thrived over the years because we put the product first and everything else (like paying ourselves) second.  That company ethos as carried over into our boxing division and the results have been outstanding.   My point is, if you make a Pinnacle FC card in the future, you are probably one of the better athletes in the area.  Keeping in mind we’ve played host to multiple UFC level fighters and directly helped shape the careers of current stars like Cody Garbrandt and developing prospect Adam Milstead.   You could say that we have an eye for talent. 

As I mentioned previously, Lawrenceville is the official hipster brain center of Pittsburgh and If you’re not sure on what to wear so that you can avoid the quiet, judgey scoffs of the "locals", just check out Richie Cantolina or Mark Cherico’s Instagram pages for some of the latest fashion forward advice.

Tickets and other stuff will be available eventually, but I figured I would let yinz know what we have coming dahn the line.