Mark Cherico Vs. Antonio Castillo Jr. Set For 12/17 IN Lawrenceville:

I’ve been doing this fighting shit for awhile now and for all things relative to this particular world, my career has been surprisingly notable.   Surprising to me at least but I am more familiar with my past that you so it’s easier for me to compare my early expectations to my reality. What’s even more surprising is that I have been quietly sitting on a huge matchup that over the years we have pushed and proposed, suggested and offered all the while kinda expecting it to never actually happen.


Until now.   


Yes, bros some of you have guessed correctly. We just fuck around and lined up Mark Cherico to fight Antonio Castillo Jr. for December 17th at “who cares what weight they are fighting” in Lawrenceville which is literally in Mark Cherico’s back yard.  I’ll do you one better, the venue that these two will face off in arguably in what is one of the most visceral, real-life grudge matches in regional history also played host to Cherico’s high school graduation.  


There have been a few of notable beefs over the years but none of them have quite the same “oh shit” type of feeling surrounding them as the tangible dislike shared between Castillo Jr. and Cherico.


The social media “back and forth” has been real, often and brutal with both guys launching the most biting, hurtful shit about one another they could come up with.   The topics went way outside of the traditional opponent digs and desperation takedown jabs and into each other’s personal lives and even included a few strays at yours truly.


Now these two are contractually slated to finally settle their personal problems the good old fashion way, locked in a steel cage with 15 minutes to do as much damage to one another as humanly possible for some cash and way more importantly, the opportunity to get a crack at one of those people in your life you just don’t fucking like.


In a way, these guys are really lucky.  It’s not often you get a chance to hit someone you just genuinely don’t like hard in the face as many times as you can for a couple thousand dollars without fear of jail or retaliation.  This is the type of animalistic score-settling that humans have been sorting out for thousands of years. It started with glove slapping duels, went to meeting at high noon in the center of town,  continued on when we met at the flagpole after school and has now finally arrived with a few thousand “Facebook live” views and a circular cage inside of a union hall.


The odds of this thing popping off before it should are high, which is fun for you to think about but yet another variable in the weirdest job of all time.  I literally have to make sure that the guys I am paying to try and kill each other, only do so in the appropriate space and time coupled by the fact that, legally speaking, they need to occupy the same space at the same time.  I don't know if you ever paid much attention to our weigh in photos but it’s not exactly like we’re mobbed up with security in case one homeboy decides he wants to start the party early.

Fun times this fighting shit.

Anyway tickets will go on sale eventually and be available yadda yadda I’m the worst promoter of all time. Shout out to Nichole Castillo for yet again doing a bang up job and putting this one together.


 Tell me this didn’t make your night a little better though, and for that I very humbly say “You’re welcome fuckers”.