Dom Mazzotta Has An Opponent For Pinnacle FC 15 In December:

So the other day I was sitting and thinking about my life as a promoter and I got this great idea.  I don’t know if it was the THC vape pen I got from my man over in the east end or if I’m just a combat sports genius, but here’s what I thought, I think.  

You know what would be awesome (I’m saying this to no one in particular), what if Mark Cherico and Dom Mazzotta fought on the debut of our new city series in December.

That would be pretty cool.

Fast forward 2 weeks and some odd days later and here we are; Dom Mazzotta (11-1) is set to take on the #1 rated fighter from South Carolina Solon Staley (11-4), who also happens to be ranked 13th in the entire southeast region including Miami and Atlanta.

It just so happens that Mazzotta is ranked #2 in Pennsylvania and #2 in the northeast at bantamweight.  So what we have here folks is a good ol’ fashion shoot-out between two highly ranked, highly visible prospects and all for the low, low price of $40 a ticket.  I know, I know I just keep getting better at this shit, thank you. 

Mazzotta is riding an 8 fight win streak and has ended all but one via submission.  It’s getting harder and harder to find guys that this kid can fight so make sure you show up before those $40 tickets end up being $400 and a flight to Vegas where you half fight the whole time with your girlfriend because you’re “too drunk” to be in public and should stop “quoting Kevin Gates memes”.

“No one else gets it”.
“Trust me people get it”
“How is it possible you’re mad right now?”
“Seriously, we’re in Vegas, Dom’s fighting in like 2 hours, we won $35 dollars on slots and I’m still wearing pants, call it a win”.
“Oh so now you’re not going to talk to me all night, cool way to ruin the trip like ten minutes in”


Yeah, soo... get your tickets before all that happens - and don’t roll your eyes at me fuckers, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Mark Cherico is finally squaring off against Antonio Castillo Jr. and if that’s not enough to tempt you, you probably don’t care that much about any of this and only read it because your friend convinced you to check out this article cause the guy “writes like we talk”.

The fight will be held at the Teamsters hall in sunny Lawrenceville and the address, which I apparently forgot last time, is 4701 Butler st PGH, Pa 15201.