Bill Hutchinson Has A New Opponent For This Wednesday:

To say that finding a fight for Bill Hutchinson is tough, is kinda like saying that fire is hot, or if you end up on The Steve Wilkos show, you’re life may be a bit of a mess.

Yeah, no shit.

After about 3 “nahs”, 2 changes of heart, 4 ”forgot I had something to do that days”, 1 “I’ll do it but I want 40,000 and a pic with Dan Bilzerian” and 5 straight up ghosts, we finally have a concrete opponent for Bill Hutchinson this Wednesday.

But first, our sponsors: KP Builders, Allegheny Crane Rental, Faster, Fit Crunch, Wayne Crouse, and Allegheny Ophthalmic and Orbital Associates.

Ok, sorry about that last part brought to you by Fit Crunch, we legally have to do it otherwise Faster and KP Builders won’t love us so much and that means no more of this type of thing.  Wednesday night, Bill Hutchinson will be taking on Jairo Vargas (6-1) in a main event, gladiatorial style affair that will probably change at least one of them forever.

5 of Vargas’ 6 wins are by stoppage and his style is built around pressure and pushing the fight.   I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen young William ply his trade but I could literally use the exact same sentence to describe him. In fact, because I am in a rush, I will:  Bill’s style is built around pressure and pushing the fight.

How unoriginal am I getting?  

“STU used to be good but he’s been really mailing it in lately”

The truth is somewhere between “half-assing alot lately” and  this site was never very good to begin with.  

Anyway, this is the biggest fight night of the year and Hutchinson’s first foray into the sub 140 (that means less than) pound category, if you miss this one, I don’t know what to tell you.  This is definitely rounding out to be our biggest boxing event thus far and I haven’t even spent one second to sit back and admire our work because these dummies don’t really want to fight. Seriously, who turns down thousands of real deal American dollars, travel pay and a free trip to Pittsburgh?  Try roughly anyone south of 147 pounds anywhere from say here to Florida and back.  At least it’s in the books and we can move on to the face punching.

How about a quick recap just for fun: Gregg Rudolph is making his professional debut, Gerald Sherrell and Sam “The Butcher” Suska are back in action along with Richie Cantolina throwing down with Scott Perhach in our amatuer main event, Josh Fremd squaring off with Kyle Holt, Llewyn McClamy, Jordan Russos, Sniper and Deon Goodlow.

Yes, all in one night.  

Quit fucking around and get your tickets reserved asap because the fight is only a few days away.

Here is the card being held at The Teamsters Temple at 4701 Butler St. Wednesday night:

Main Event

Bill Hutchinson Jr. 10-2-4 PA vs Jairo Vargas 6-1 137 lbs


Gerald Sherrell 4-0 PA vs Raymond Terry 5-2 Lynchburg, VA 160 lbs

Sam Suska 4-3 PA vs Donte Adams Lansing, MI 170 (yes the MMA Donte Adams)

Gregg Rudolph debut PA vs Larry Stampley (0-0) 168 lbs

Featured Amateur Bouts:

Rich Cantolina Cherico Martial Arts vs Scott Perhach Brownson House Boxing 160 lbs (Open)

Jordan Roussos Conn Greb vs Chris Young OH Heavyweight (Open)

Lewelyn McClamy Conn Greb vs Isaac Chatman OH 141 lbs (Open)

Kyle Holt vs Josh Fremd 190 lbs 3-2 minute rounds

Deon Goodlow Conn Greb vs Chris Sims OH 155 lbs 3-2 min rounds

Ramil Islamov Cherico Martial Arts vs Nyziah Taylor OH 70 lbs 3-1 minute rounds