Pinnacle Boxing Championships 4: Card and Other Stuff

Pinnacle Boxing Championships returns 11/23 (the night before thanksgiving) to the Teamsters hall in the now extremely non-threatening Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville.  This card will feature all of your favorite pugilists including Sam “the Butcher” Suska, Gerald “G5” Sherrell and headlined by local stand out Bill Hutchinson.

This card also features the professional debut of the Lumberjack Gregg Rudolph.  You might remember him from a thing on Facebook or that time anyone you’ve ever met asked if you knew him. Yes, he was called out on social media by a guy(s) who said he wanted the fight which here at the Pinnacle lab we love to see, but when we actually attempted to make said fights happen well they all had their reasons to say no.  We specialize in conflict resolution strategies and should you have a conflict you decide to take public don't be surprised when a chat bubble pops up within the hour offering you an opportunity to resolve said conflict.  At this point it is what it is and Gregg is now officially booked to take on Coy Lanbert a veteran of over 20 professional bouts.

This event will also feature some of the top amateurs in the area including Richie Cantolina taking on Scott Perhach and Josh Fremd squaring off against Kyle Holt in a holy shit did I read that right affair.  

Here is the card below brought to you by our sponsors KP Builders, Allegheny Crane Rental, Faster, Fit Crunch, Wayne Crouse, and Allegheny Ophthalmic and Orbital Associates:

Main Event:

Bill Hutchinson Jr. 10-2-4 PA vs Hakeem Watkins 5-2 Whitehall, Ohio 137 lbs


Gerald Sherrell 4-0 PA vs Raymond Terry 5-2 Lynchburg, VA 160 lbs

Sam Suska 4-3 PA vs Donte Adams Lansing, MI 170 (yes the MMA Donte Adams)

Gregg Rudolph debut PA vs Coy Lanbert Summerville, SC veteran 168 lbs

Lemont Johnson PA vs TBA 154 lbs

Featured Amateur Bouts:

Rich Cantolina Cherico Martial Arts vs Scott Perhach Brownson House Boxing 160 lbs (Open)

Jordan Roussos Conn Greb vs Chris Young OH Heavyweight (Open)

Lewelyn McClamy Conn Greb vs Isaac Chatman OH 141 lbs (Open)

Kyle Holt vs Josh Fremd 190 lbs 3-2 minute rounds

Deon Goodlow Conn Greb vs Chris Sims OH 155 lbs 3-2 min rounds

Ramil Islamov Cherico Martial Arts vs Nyziah Taylor OH 70 lbs 3-1 minute rounds