Frankie Festa VS. John Antanitis Set For Pinnacle FC 15:

The crown jewel of every fight card is a grudge match between two local guys that for whatever reason can’t wait to punch each other in the face.  It’s just what the people want to see, sure you care about technique and shit like that but let’s be real, worldstarhiphop exists for one reason and it’s not because of the unsigned artist videos.  Sometimes you just wanna see two guys try to hurt each other and who has the highest likelihood of doing that? Not the innocuous “its all good bro” surfer type this sport is now seemingly full of I’ll tell you that.

So if not them then who?  Mortal to-the-fucking-death Facebook enemies, that’s who.

If you’re doing it right, a true real deal grudge match doesn’t happen every show -it can’t- because if that’s the case you either live in a town full of assholes or you’re just making shit up. These match ups take time and energy and social media to birth into a semi rage filled, semi curious situation ending with one guy getting his hand raised in glorious victory. December 17th, live and direct from the Teamsters Hall in Lawrenceville, Pinnacle FC will bring you not only the biggest regional grudge match of all time between Mark Cherico and Antonio Castillo Jr, but John Antanitis and Frankie Festa will also settle their personal beef inside the same cage, on the same night.

To be completely honest, I don’t know much about Festa other than he’s a local kid repping Stout training center who has made most of his career fighting on Ohio shows but I do know that for whatever reason, he and Antanitis seem to be having more problems than Suge Knight’s defense team.

Things peaked recently when Festa sent the dreaded but familiar “I’m sorry but I am going to have to pull out because of ___” text to his manager who then defaulted to us and somehow word got back to Antanitis almost instantly.  A few minutes later I am getting messages about Festa’s “withdrawal from the contest” -In my best McGregor accent- followed by a series of nevermind “it’s back on” type rhetoric. Apparently, Antanitis leveraged the fight back into reality using Facebook and what my grandmother would describe as colorful language and what I would call, everyday type talk. I didn’t actually see any of this so I can only tell you what I heard.   Long story short, the fight is back on and with a renewed fervor as these two are annoying each other into actual paid for fisticuffs.  Antanitis had a pretty strong amateur career having only dropped one bout since 2010 (a recent split decision loss) and prior to that a decision loss to now UFC heavyweight Adam Milstead.  No shame in that one, obviously. 

Festa went 6 and 1 as an amateur and has done the whole professional thing before starting back in June with a decision win over Tony Dipiero.  Even though Festa has the edge in the professional experience column, he doesn’t hold the same resume as Antanitis who has fought and beat some of the better guys in the area.

Because I am a shitty promoter and bad with dates and math, this fight is way closer than I thought and with that being said, tickets are literally running out already and I didn’t even order the DJ yet.

So Mike if you’re reading this, I need you December 17th - thanks bruh.

Get your tickets soon because this is a small venue and you don’t want to be that guy stuck standing outside the venue forced to watch the stream on your phone trying to convince your pissed off girlfriend that you know somebody who works for Pinnacle and they’re gonna hook you up.

Then when we don’t hook you up,  you do what any other normal human being who feels like they’ve been slighted does and go to Facebook and leave us a shitty review like Rowanda Shampley (sounds legit).  Then after you leave us an unflattering review, we also do the super normal thing like track your IP address back to your house through your local ISP and figure out where you and your people live, pass around pictures of your mother and siblings all the while listening to Jeezy's "bout that time" on loop promising to hit you in your face upon entry of the next event.  Don't play like you aren't coming to the next event, we both know you ain't missing this shit.  

Lesson learned bros. 

Don’t be Rowanda Shampley, get your tickets soon.