The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Dominic Mazzotta vs. Solon Staley

Conor McGregor who? While The Notorious is taking on all comers at all weights in the UFC, there's a fighter who's perhaps just as talented who is doing the same thing on a local level. 

With two Pinnacle FC belts around his waist, Mazzotta will defend his featherweight title for the first time after crushing Keith Richardson to defend the bantamweight belt in September. 

In steps the upset-minded Solon Staley, who comes up from South Carolina looking to take Mazzotta's belt and neck back to the sunshine-y south with him on Sunday morning. 

Check out a breakdown of why you should care about this matchup below.

5 - Both guys are proven finishers

Staley has 11 wins, and just 1 of them have come via decision. He has 7 submissions, and three via knockout or TKO. Looking even further, all of his submission wins have come via choke - four via guillotine and three via rear naked choke. 

Not to be outdone, Mazzotta has 9 submissions and 1 knockout. 7 of those are rear naked chokes, and he also has 1 via arm bar, and 1 guillotine. His knockout was a nasty head kick over Jeremiah Yeager in his second pro bout.

4 - Mazzotta is just that good

If you're surprised that Mazzotta isn't in the UFC yet, join the club. After his latest win in a string of impressive wins in September, fans chanted "UFC," and that's honestly where he belongs at this point. He works harder than just about anybody in the sport, and he's been dominant against the toughest competition that Pinnacle FC can throw in front of him. Don't count on being able to see Mazzotta fight locally in 2017. 

3 - Staley is ranked No. 1

According to Tapology, Staley is the top ranked featherweight in all of South Carolina, and he's ranked No. 12 in all of the Southeast. In short, he's a dangerous opponent who has just as much hype surrounding him in the south as Mazzotta does up here in the north.

2 - Shiny gold

One has to wonder where Mazzotta keeps all of the hardware he's won through his MMA career. Does he have to rent extra storage space, or does he just hand out belts like candy canes on Christmas to anyone who crosses his path? This is his fifth title fight as a pro, and he's 4-0 in such fights thus far. He's also won all four via submission in case you were counting.

Staley won a title back in 2013, but I'm betting he'll be clearing a space on his mantle for a matching belt before he makes the trek up to Pittsburgh this weekend.

1 - The breakdown

This is yet another intriguing style matchup. Staley is built like a tank, at 5'5" and 145 pounds. His build reminds me a lot of another former Mazzotta opponent, Justin King. 

Staley also fights in a style similar to King. He loves to throw two power punches and follow a big right hand in for a double leg attempt. While he has a well-rounded game, he loves to use his power to outmuscle opponents. On the feet, his head movement is good, but he wings punches from his hips a bit much. On the ground, he's adept enough off of his back to avoid submissions, and he's extremely difficult to finish, as no opponent has been able to stop him thus far. 

His best move is probably that guillotine, as he likes to grab it on an opponent's failed shot, and he has enough raw power to not gas out his arms before cutting off the air flow. 

Mazzotta loves to throw his head kick, and perhaps the most underrated aspect of his game is his athleticism. His kicks in general are his best weapon on his feet, and that probably dates back to his taekwando background. 

One of the areas where "The Honey Badger" has really improved is his wrestling. Against Keith Richardson, he was able to dump him multiple times and passed the guard like butter on the ground. He's an elite grappler on the ground, and is smart enough to avoid the choke attempts of Staley.