Gregg Rudolph Vs. Larry Blakey: Full Fight

Before I let yinz fully bask in the fistic performance of “The Lumberjack” Gregg Rudolph. I feel like we need to do a little noting of just how impressive this situation and it’s subsequent result truly is.

But even before that happens, the first thing I want to point out is just how big Gregg Rudolph’s balls are for taking this fight. Mostly because he was called out and criticized by multiple people on the internet - all who, surprise, surprise when offered the fight suddenly were cockblocked by life in a way that can only be introduced by a mix of common sense and fear (I have screenshots)- criticized mostly his for lack of said balls when it came to opponent selection.  But that's just a small part of this thing.  Prior to this, the kid has had 3, count em 3 fights TOTAL.  I’ll tell you what 3 amateur fights get you; if this was MMA he’d be wearing shin pads, if this was amateur boxing he’d be fighting 3 two minute rounds with headgear and pillows.  This is where he should be competing at, legally, mathematically and logically.

Let that sink in.

He probably shouldn’t have even been approved as an opponent for Blakey, let alone allow me to talk him into it in the first place.  

Scoff at Larry Blakey and he’ll put you face down on the canvas or sidewalk with one shot and when you’re staggering around looking for your teeth or cell phone or maybe what’s left of your soul and you vaguely remember hearing someone yelling world star, note this life tip: keep in mind that being really tough on Facebook doesn’t make you, well you know, really tough in real life.

The risk here is very real, don’t believe me? Just ask local killer Shane Chojnacki if homeboy can punch.

All it would have taken is one right hand too many and every dickhead near a cell phone is running to Facebook; "knew he couldn't fight", “Pinnacle protected him” “Told you he sucked”.   I know it's the internet and it doesn’t actually matter, but at the end of the day Gregg’s a real guy and he reads that shit and it affects him just like it would affect you, if you were in the same position as him.  Which let’s be real, if you were stuck with the 48 hour decision to fight a guy who has forgotten about more fights than you’ve been in your entire life, my money's on you forgetting about that internship, or how you suddenly pulled your vagina again.   And instead of hiding this “on paper” ass whooping, he actually promotes it harder.   He actually invited more people to come see him take an even bigger risk, all the while being very aware of the likelihood of a loss.  Oh and when you lose to Blakely, it’s usually by way of knocked the fuck out.  

Still questioning the lumberjack? Hold on there’s more.

Cool, so he took a tough fight on short notice, ok anyone can play the part but the stakes are higher now.  Because now it's fight day on what turns out to be a huge card and of course his fight is now receiving notably more momentum which all based around the ballsy decision to fight Blakely last minute.  But not only does Rudolph show up my friends -and the couple losers that hate but still read anyway- he fucking dazzles.  

Fucking. Dazzles.

He masterfully puts together every single thing me and Chris have ever shown him plus new shit he made up on the fly and I’m sitting ringside watching as this fight is unfolding and the first thought that crosses my mind:

I can’t fucking believe he actually let me talk him into this.

The fight which you will see below, is a good one, but there is much more going on here than some slicker than you expected boxing.   Just wanted to let you know what you are really seeing.  We're back in action 12/17 and 1/6 at the Teamster's hall.