Well I finally did it, you guys

Over the last 5 years or so I have been debating on updating my old shitty site with a new sleeker, fancier looking type site because, well that's what seems to make sense.  So here it is in all of it new aged hipster glory.  I'm still working out certain kinks and will be adding better content (the writing will still suck but the site can't fix everything) which should make your lives easier.

One nice new feature is that this site now has a fully functional mobile platform which means you can actually read whatever dumb thing I have to say that particular time on your phone instead of squinting and pinching the screen like your drunk aunt at a reunion.    I will eventually integrate the blog in with the homepage (probably not), as soon as I figure it out.  So that could be like an hour and this is now void or like 6 months and I'll lose tens of readers.

Either way you get my point, shit should be a little better now.  Not the actual writing part though, that will still suck.

Thanks for sticking with me during the changes.