Pinnacle Boxing Championships 2/27 Card and Other Stuff:

Pinnacle’s debut into the boxing world is officially ready to roll as we into this weekend’s stacked event.  Every pugilist on this card can fight and we have some bangers on tap.  Tickets are basically gone aside from a few random seats here and there so that’s always a good thing.  Any promoter who has been doing this shit for awhile will tell you if you are in it for the money you prepare to have your day ruined, including myself so for me a sell out crowd validates the idea.  The event will be catered by Gus's Cafe along with the after party which is super convenient because it's on the same block as the venue. 

Last weekend’s showdown at the Sokol club was also a huge success.  These are great signs for the sport of boxing in the area.  We can’t do this without our sponsors so here they are, make sure you like their Facebook pages and support their companies like they support ours:  

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Here’s the card along with some random thoughts about the bouts:

Professional Card:

Main Event: Bill Hutchinson Vs. Eric Palmer - Palmer’s a very tough and tested guy but has apparently rubbed Hutchinson the wrong way throughout this process which should make for an interesting match up. Palmer comes to fight and has been in the ring with some of the region’s best.

Gerald Sherrell Vs. Turner Williams - Sherrell was ranked #4 in the country as an amateur

Justin Steave Vs. Henry Mercer - Who doesn’t love a little Hawk Time? It’s great to have Steave back under the Pinnacle banner again.

Wellington Romero vs. Carlos Velasquez - Romero is getting the push from Roc Nation and Velasquez is a hired gun looking to polish off another up and comer.

Amonte Eberhart Vs. Tom Ayers - Amonte was one of the best amateurs in the city and has been sparring some of the best guys in the country including Sammy Vasquez regularly.

 Amateur Card:

John Jaquay Vs. Gregg Rudolph - I have seen a lot of guys who have problems with one another many, many times in my life but I’m pretty sure the animosity between these two maybe the most genuine I have ever seen.  They dislike each other so much I actually can’t really figure it out why or how with there being so little actual interaction between the two.  For every north there is a south I guess?  Jaquay just won a tournament in West Virginia last weekend and one of the wins was via KO. So yeah, shit’s getting real bros.

Rich Cantolina Vs. Cortland Woodard -  Here is another battle between two guys who just can’t be in the same room together.  They already fought once - a highly contested decision in Cantolina’s favor- and now they are drawing swords again after a series of social media spats and a scheduling conflict.

Cameron Donnelly vs Sylvio Cercone - Both of these young guns have been making improvements in their young careers.  This fight will give you a chance to see how good the next generation is.

Hugo Garcia vs Kelvin Smith - Kel Smith always comes to fight and Hugo Garcia is arguably one of the best amateurs in the city.

We got word this morning that Steeler standout Antonion Brown will be ringside because he's bored and wants to see Rudolph and Jaquay settle up.  You know I'm serious about tickets being limited when I don't even post the link up.   

See yinz there.