Chris Mitchell Vs. Jarrell Hodge Set For Pinnacle FC 13

Not only is Dom Mazzotta (9-1) moving up a weight class or two to take on Rob Hanna (7-0) in one of the biggest regional fights of all time, but we have added a banger of a co main event between Jerrell Hodge (2-1) and "Philly" Chris Mitchell. (2-0). 

Both of these guys are top end prospects who would normally avoid fighting each other at all costs because of the risks involved but have decided to table that theory and figure this one out on the fly.  

I had a chance to talk with "Philly" Chris last week and he told me point blank that he fully expects another knockout win here similar to his headkick KO over Charlie Gathers.  Not only that, he told me flat out in arguably the most matter of fact tone I have heard from anyone outside of maybe a judge on CSPAN that he feels he is the best in his weight class in the region, period.   Sounds ambitious, Mitchell doesn't think so. 

And before you go dismissing this claim as crazy, think about how important self belief is in a sport where you are locked in a cage with another human tasked with dispatching them before they kill you and under a time limit.  Self belief worked out pretty well for Conor McGregor. 

Anyway tickets are on sale now and available online here:

I'll be releasing the rest of the card here shortly and all the other shit you guys are used to prior to fight day.