Mazzotta Responds To Hanna "He's going to beg me to put him away"

Rob Hanna (7-0) was interviewed over the weekend and during the routine line of questioning he mentioned that he fully intends on KO'ing the smaller Mazzotta this weekend in their title showdown at Pinnacle FC 13.

You gotta love when a guy actually says how he feels about the outcome of the fight instead of just taking the routine diplomatic angle.  I have heard so many bullshit responses over the years that I stopped interviewing people because I got to the point where I could literally predict the responses myself.


But not Rob Hanna my friends; he skipped right over the customary "I don't know how but my hand will be raised" and went straight into the "unconscious in front of your friends and family" route.  Gotta hand it to him, he's not afraid to point towards the stand and call for the home run. 

Of course I pretty much had to find out what Dom thought about all this and his response was post worthy:

They are going to call me Frank Castle after this one.  I am going to punish him so bad that he'll beg me to put him away.

And here we are my friends and woefully pathetic haters, an elite match up between two of the region's top talents just got that much more interesting.   Tickets are down to a handful of general admission left so reserve yours now or forever be left out of the greatest MMA card this universe has ever seen-  I had to throw in at least one typical promoter line somewhere, c'mon it's my job.

For those of you who don't get the reference and have never thought to Google something you didn't know the answer to, Frank Castle is the real name of "the Punisher".