Bill Hutchinson Vs. Amonte Eberhart Is Official For Pinnacle Boxing This Weekend:

Bill Hutchinson’s original opponent, Thomas Miller (7-1), was forced to withdraw from this weekend’s main event due to actual, legitimate health reasons (go figure) and aside from jumping off the 10th street bridge, my only other option was to roll the dice yet again on another main event.

Yes, that’s two weeks in a row.

For those of you keeping score on my hilariously shitty luck, that’s two major card hits in less than 72 hours, because I found out about this little gem Sunday morning around 10ish.  Which means I wasn’t even awake for more than an hour after Pinnacle FC 13’s now infamously shit luck before something else fell apart, again.  

Somehow, some way, we have pulled this thing out by the skin of our teeth and put together arguably the biggest professional match up in this town since Rod Salka’s win over Monty Meza Clay back whenever because I’m too lazy to google right now.

Bill Hutchinson (10-1) has agreed yet again to step up to the plate and take on undefeated professional prospect and top flight amateur  Amonte Eberhart (3-0) in a fight that is so fucking important that I know for an absolute fact I will not do it justice with this post.  

These type of fights just do not happen at this level in boxing and for both guys to decide to do it and on short notice no less, show you just what type of animals these two really are.   Hutchinson could have very easily and understandably pulled off the card and thus turn yet another “on paper dream” into a “on Facebook nightmare” but nah, that’s just not his style apparently.  Because this is essentially a phenomenon in 2016, I feel it necessary to provide a literal transcription of our conversation:

Me:  “Hey Bill, Amonte normally competes at 54 (roughly 15 pounds heavier) and is being groomed as an elite level prospect, with that said what do you think about taking a fight with him Saturday”.
Bill: “Ok sure.”
Me: “I’m sorry, what?”
Bill: “Yep, I’ll take it”
Me: “Wait, you’re positive that your arm doesn’t hurt or you just remember that you have swimming lessons or have to coach soccer this weekend?”
Bill: “Nope, I’m good’
Me: “ So you’re telling me you’ll just fight whomever regardless of the opponent or situation and this call is more of a notification rather than the typical opponent change sales pitch?”
Bill: “Yeah, pretty much”
Me: “Ok, well shit man do you need anything else?”
Bill: “Nah”.
*Hangs up phone*
Me: “Holy. Shit”.

You see my friends, this type of matchup is so unheard of because the risk in this fight falls squarely on Hutchinson because Eberhart doesn’t have anything to lose. He’s the bigger guy, with the deeper background and if you call your bookie, he’s probably the favorite too.  Not too mention If he drops the fight, it’s early enough in his career that it won’t matter but if he wins he takes out a huge name in the area and adds a gigantic feather to his cap.  Hutchinson’s career is surging forward and a set back here hurts.  So if you can’t tell by now let me make it crystal clear;  This thing just got really, really serious and basically overnight.  We have a few tickets available -maybe not, I can’t even say for sure because I am the worst promoter ever- but you can try and reserve yours here.

Hats off to matchmaker Chris Williams for putting this thing together and staving off the creeping thoughts of suicide when trying to put events on such as there.  Most weaker men would have tapped by now.  

Weigh ins are tomorrow at the Blue Line Grill across from the Consol Energy center and start at 6:00pm.