Bill Hutchinson Vs. Thomas Miller Set For April 2nd

In today's combat sports landscape where it seems less and less likely that a guy on the rise would risk his record and status against unknown and dangerous opposition, Bill Hutchinson (10-1) is the last of a dying breed.  There was a time not all that long ago where guys took only the toughest fights to test their skills in the purest, oldest competition known to man, combat, because anything else seemed as though one was missing the point.

After agreeing to fight last second replacement Eric Palmer who was a healthy 2 weight classes heavier and a veteran of numerous wars, Hutchinson has turned right back around and is now pointing his gun directly at the 7-1 prospect from West Virginia in Thomas Miller just a few weeks later.  Not only is Miller on a multiple fight win streak, he is also tall, rangy and moves very well.  This is definitely not a combination that most people are lining up to fight in general let alone this early in their respective careers but Hutch really just doesn’t care.  

He told me a long time ago that anyone can get it any time, any where; as long as the money’s right of course.

Looking back I guess he wasn’t bullshitting me with a phrase that is said so often that it feels more cliche’ than the original bravado it was once used to represent.   Which in some ways maybe a metaphorical perspective on a sport that was built around a simple risk/reward equation that now is based almost solely on reward while avoiding any risk at all cost. Anyway before I finish waxing poetically about how no one wants to really fight anymore, let me leave you with this; both of these guys are on the upswing in their respective careers and know what a win here does for them.  They are coming in looking to make a statement in a promotion that has already gotten everyone’s attention. These are the type of risky fights that make for the best match ups, not to mention a little piece of regional boxing history.

The rest of the card will be released shortly so keep your eye out. 

Last but not least, tickets will be on sale next week and if you remember last time we were forced to turn people away at the door so please reserve your seat early.