Gregg Rudolph Golden Gloves KO: Full Fight

Gregg "The Lumberjack" Rudolph finally had his first official bout of the Golden Gloves tournament on Saturday and let's just say he made quite an impact (#Pun).   Rudolph has been intently studying the art of boxing for a few years now and not only does he have a physical advantage over most of his opposition, the man knows what he's doing. 

Interestingly enough you may notice the crowd isn't all that surprised when Gregg sends the poor kid to the canvas for a third time and that is because this fight is being held in Gregg's hometown of Penn Hills.  They aren't surprised because if I were to take a conservative guess, this would Rudolph's 12 straight KO in or around the Penn Hills area this is the just the first time it has been legal and in a ring. 


No word on when Gregg fights next but I'll be sure to let yinz know when it's official.