Travis Clark Set For Pinnacle Boxing Debut 7/2

Here at the Pinnacle Boxing laboratories we are always striving to make our product stand out from the others and when we aren’t misjudging our audience or double parking at busy Beaver, I’d say that we are doing a pretty good job.  

You may or may not agree with that last statement.

However, one thing that is undeniable is that the latest addition to our roster, undefeated heavyweight Travis Clark (9-0), is a fun guy to watch try and kill something.  Understatement of the year I know.

Allow me to be the first to tell you that I, for one, am fucking stoked to have a local legend like Clark grace one of our upcoming cards.  I have been a big fan of Clark’s for years now and it is an honor to facilitate his face punching here in the city of champyinz.

I hate myself for using that last part but something about it just felt right.

Anyway, Clark will make his Pinnacle debut July 2nd at the teamsters hall in the too cool for school neighborhood of Lawrenceville.  We have a few opponents lined up and should be announcing something here relatively soon.

Keep your eye out for more updates on our biggest event to date.