Austin Meese :53 Second KO: Full Fight

While regional product and UFC star Cody Garbrandt is smashing his way through the world's best fist fighting organization, his younger cousin Austin Meese (2-1) is handling business on the local scene.  Meese's father, Bob (AKA the Stingray) also happens to be "No Love's" boxing coach so you know without even clicking play that this kid can throw some punches. 

Now factor in that he spends weeks, maybe months, at a time with his older cousin at one of the world's best teams, sparring and training with some of the best talents in the world and you probably don't even need to watch the video. 

But you still will won't you, you sick bastard?

Of course you will.

Don't mind the shaky, camera phone style shot, you get the point right around the :53 second mark whether this video was shot by Spielberg or not. 

No word on what's next for Meese but keep an eye out for this kid because something tells me you will be hearing his name way more often.