A Closer Look At Chris Dempsey Vs. Adam Hunter:

Former UFC vet and Ambridge native Chris Dempsey steps back into the regional cage this weekend to take on Adam Hunter in what will be Dempsey’s first fight outside of the UFC. Over the course of the last 6 or so months I have been tasked as Dempsey’s boxing instructor and therefore expect a tinge of bias in the following doctrine.

Describing any of my work as a “doctrine” might be the biggest churched up, bull shit job since the Clinton email server cover up.

Let’s take a look at “The Warhammer” first:

Hunter hasn’t dropped a fight since 2010 and all of his 6 wins come via some kind of unpleasant finish whether it be hammer-fisting an unconscious person or strangling a dazed one.  If you lose to Adam Hunter, the odds are pretty high that he took you against your will and you will need a recovery group with a strong support system to get back on track.

5 out of his 6 victims have yet to step back inside a combat container of any kind.  

With a nickname like “warhammer” you pretty much have to be a total, authentic badass, or really love PC video games.  With that said, you need to fight up to your nickname and that’s not always easy.   

At first glance you'll classify Hunter as a brawler by trade.  It’s not the prettiest sequence of high level techniques but it works and he does what he needs to do to get the wins inside the fence.   From a technical standpoint, Hunter swims through combinations looking to land something big, usually a punch. His wrestling is good enough that he doesn’t really care if you try to take him down which supports his “on purpose” type recklessness.  And then every once in a while, he just flat out bulldogs the less fortunate because, well why not, we are fighting in a cage folks it doesn’t always have to be snap kicks and spinning shit to get the job done.

It shouldn't be a huge Keyser Soze style shocker to find out thatHunter can drop a war hammer or two.  He uses his pressure and power to force exchanges because he thinks he can win there. 

And so far he's been right. 

Here's what Dempsey's got going for him:

Dempsey will be Hunter’s toughest opponent to date.  Which in part gives ol’ Demps a tip of the hat but at the same time, just a few click-throughs later and you will notice that Hunter hasn’t really fought anyone yet.  Most of his wins (read:all) are against regional professionals who don’t have the prettiest records, even on a regional scale.  

@bigdemps2 Fist fighting skills are significantly underrated.

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When I was first approached to work with Dempsey, I was a touch worried because I notice that he was well behind the curve when it came to the striking sections of the quiz.  Not that I don’t welcome challenges, but one of the hardest, if the hardest thing to do as a trainer is to try and break old habits created over years of skipping the boring shit and not fixing the little stuff.  But 10 minutes into day one, I knew this situation would work out.   Dempsey is considerably more athletic than one would guess from the outside.  Think of it this way, he made it all the way to the UFC, beat a legit guy all using a basic understanding of striking and a strong wrestling background.  This is not to say that Dempsey’s striking coaches did a poor job, his improvements were obvious in the Eddie Gordon fight.   The adjustments he needed weren’t additional techniques but more of a refinement of his current technique and that’s where I came into the picture. There is alot more to striking than just throwing punches and kicks in the air, even though sometimes just throwing works too.    I am a self proclaimed weirdo-expert in the nuances of striking and over the course of the last 180 days, it has been reflecting well with Dempsey in the gym.   These techniques are learned and not yet natural so don’t necessarily expect to see Chris coming out looking like Andre Ward, but you will notice a better product when the fight is standing.   

For such a nice guy, Chris can be a mean motherfucker and that’s what it’s going to take to get through Hunter this weekend.   This the type of fight where there is not an easy answer and no direct path, go out, tuck your chin, bite down, be smart and good luck.