​Gerald Sherell Vs. Bellator Vet Bryan Goldsby Set For Pinnacle BC 7/2:

Gerald Sherrell Vs. Bryan Goldsby Is Set For Pinnacle BC July 2nd

I read something the other day that said a study showed that only 40% people who “like” a link on Facebook, actually read it.

So to the 40% of you who made it this far, first thank you. Second, how great of a main event is rising star Gerald Sherrell (3-0) taking on Bellator Vet and local MMA stalwart Bryan Goldsby (3-1)?

Please tell me you remember Bryan Goldsby right?

He was the kid who derailed the Isaiah Chapman hype train and had wins over Jeff Curran and wars with Zach Makovsky and Ed West?  

Yea, thats him.

He’s stepped out of the cage and into a ring and in  just a few days he will be squaring off against one of Pittsburgh’s hottest prospects in Gerald “G5” Sherrell.

All I can say to that is “Holy shit I got really, really lucky” and then almost immediately after “What terrible thing is going to happen now because of this newly discovered good fortune?”.  

Neutrally speaking, this is a super interesting fight that we will go ahead and call a crossover because of Goldsby’s 33 professional MMA bouts.  So ladies and gentlemen, come see live and in person the MMA vs. Boxing event July 2nd -I can’t even get halfway through this without cringing- and get your tickets now because odds are I’m probably already oversold which is also why I maybe the worst promoter ever.

We have a ton of pretty amazing match ups and a huge announcement that I haven’t even had a chance to get to yet so keep your eyes open for that.   

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