Pinnacle BC July 2nd Card and Other Stuff:

It’s that time again my friends and frenemies; what time is that you ask? My favorite time of the year - I am kinda lying about that but whatever- it’s time to watch some professional face punching.

Before I get this going I really feel like I need to have some kind of music playing in the background whenever I do these online fight card proclamations.  Maybe like prestige worldwide’s back track or something similar.

Hey, I found one.

Yeah so anyway we are hosting another fight at the Teamster’s hall in Lawrenceville July 2nd and it is quickly becoming the best card I have ever been strapped to whether it be boxing or MMA.  


How so you ask? You've been asking alot of questions today but allow me to tell you the type of names that are being matched for our entertainment vehicle as we speak. Behold section 1, I refer to it as our "homegrown" selection. 

This is the local portion of the card:

Rising local star Gerald “G5” Sherrell is back in action and this time he will be in our main event slot continuing his assumed domination of the sport at or around the 160 pound mark.  At one point in time, not too long ago, "G5" was ranked in the top 5 in the nation as an amateur and now he is crushing similar dreams and aspirations in what appears to be effortless fashion.  

Local electrician and fan favorite Mark Daley slides between the ropes again in his sophomore effort after what can only be described as a crazy debut against road warrior Roque Zapatta.  Daley came up through the local ranks and even holds an amateur victory over local star turned national headliner Sammy Vasquez jr.

 Also making his Pinnacle debut is Sam “The Butcher” Suska who looks forward to giving everyone in the crowd a lesson in masculinity with his trademark broom handle mustache and his no frills approach to fighting. Alot of humans live their lives by certain mantras usually “carpe diem” or “live, love, laugh” or some other kind of hippy bullshit but Sam’s mantra is as straightforward as his Tinder game; “Defense is for cowards”. But more on this modern day definition of masculinity later.

Justin Steave is set to take on undefeated prospect Joel Guevara - you can read about that here.  Also on the card is road warrior Eric Palmer squaring off against another undefeated opponent. 

This is the nationally recognized section:

World ranked super lightweight Amir Imam will be punching vitals inside the Pinnacle ring and at 18-1 with 15 KO’s  with his last fight showcased on a major network, the kid can have my seat when he’s done.  Shit I’m so impressed with this addition that I  kinda feel like I should shoot Imam’s camp a message and find out how much they want for tickets.   

It also looks like undefeated heavyweight Trevor Bryan will be gracing the city of champions while looking to defend and maintain his unblemished record. Bryan has been beating the shit out of people for awhile now and will more than likely make that dream come true yet again July 2nd. 

Yes, we will play host to two, nationally ranked contenders July 2nd because some lucky stroke of fate made this all possible.   Both guys are managed by Don King which is also kind of neat if you're a boxing mark such as myself. 

Tickets are limited, but available and you can acquire them through this link here.