Pinnacle FC is back Friday September 2nd: Mazzotta and Cherico to headline

I bet some of you fuckers really missed me the last few months while I was out doing the boxing thing huh?  

Cinderella nailed it with their late 80’s power ballad : You don’t know what ya got, til its gone. Go ahead, click that link; it’s a classic and relevant. 

Now back to the reason why 40% of you clicked this link, Pinnacle FC 14 Friday September 2nd..  I am taking a new approach to the MMA game which is basically only dealing with fighters and teams who have been cool with me in the past and only put together the fights that I am interested in.   If that means the card ends up having 6 good fights on it, great, it just means that we all get home a touch earlier.  No more filler, bullshit anonymous matchups for the sake of quantity. Not that I ever really did much of that last part anyway.

I used to love this game, now I just see the need for a few guys to get in what they need before they inevitably move on and then I will more than likely shutter Pinnacle’s MMA doors; indefinitely.   

Speaking of two guys who are a few fights away from scoffing at a regional payday and ticket sale percentages, Dom Mazzotta and Mark Cherico will be headlining this card in a “who else do you really need to see” type affair.  The two biggest draws in the area fighting on the same night just 15 minutes outside of the cities they both grew up in.   Both guys are a fight or two away from getting “The call” (even though both of them have already fielded multiple UFC short notice offers) so now is one of your last chances to see these guys ply their trade on a regional level (read: relatively cheap).

I haven’t even started looking at the rest of the card, so if you want to fight on it, shoot me an email here.  

Don’t forget we are hosting an amateur boxing show this weekend at the Teamster’s hall in Lawrenceville featuring the return of Rick Borowski, up and coming prospects Richie Cantolina, Fadi Shuman, Deon Goody, Llewelyn Mcclamy and more.  Tickets are only $20 so come out, drink a few and watch some local guys trade some shots with a few outta towners.