Pinnacle Boxing Amateur Series: Full Card

This weekend your favorite providers of fist first entertainment is back in action with an all amateur boxing event at the Teamster’s hall in Lawrenceville.   We have a good mix of MMA converts and top flight amateurs throwing hands with evenly matched adversaries and all for the low, low price of 20 bucks.

Whether you’re coming to see the white kimbo slice Rick Borowski make his long awaited return to combat sports, or you’ve been following Richie Cantolina’s story on Facebook we are putting together some very interesting engagements.  I have listed the tentative card, along with notes and the bout order which of course, is always subject to change.

1.  Ramil "Sniper" Islamov(Cherico's) vs Kross Cassidy(Kastle Boxing, Johnstown) 65lbs, 9 yrs old - Sniper is quite possibly the most popular 9 year old in the history of Pittsburgh combat sports. He’s been a regular at Cherico’s martial arts for awhile now and is probably going to be the next George Saint Pierre or at least a Russian Sage Northcutt.

2.  Deon Goodlow( Conn-Greb) vs Joe Pernandino(Altoona) 155 lbs, 3-2 min rounds - Deon is making his boxing debut and has been working with me at Conn Grebb a few days a week for awhile.  He’s a natural talent, so it will be interesting to see how he develops now that he is training at a camp with great influences and a full coaching staff.

3.  C.J. Earle(Lockhaven University) vs Jerome Baxter(Braddock) 141 lbs, - Both of these guys are super tough and have beaten some good guys along the way.  This is going to be a war.

4.  Llewelyn Mcclemy(Olympus) vs Henry Gaston(Altoona),141 lbs. - “Lou” is another very talented, gifted athlete whom I have had the pleasure of working with a few days a week.  His initial influence was Adam Hartman who is one of the most underrated coaches in the area and now that he splits his time between both camps his improvements are coming almost daily at this point.

5.  Evan Billings(Conn-Greb) vs  Max Leasock(Kastle boxing Johnstown), 152 lbs, 16 yrs old - Billings is my personal project and we have been working together for close to a year now.  He’s straight out of Bloomfield and fights with a ton of swag for anyone, let alone a 16 year old.  Maybe we have another "Pride of Bloomfield" on our hands here. 

6.  Fadi Shuman (Conn-Greb) vs Max Yanovich(ohio), 160 lbs. - “Fadi Shuman boxing debut” kinda sells itself right? Shuman is super tough and down to fight anyone, anywhere.  Which is kind of shocking because when you meet him he is almost always the nicest person in the room.  

7.  Tyler Smith(Cherico's) vs David Felix(Kastle Boxing, Johnstown), 141 lbs. - Tyler Smith is always improving under the tutelage of my close friend and business partner Chris Williams.  He comes looking to throwdown and improves every time out.


8.  Scott Perhach(Brownson House) vs Jim Clair(Boyce) 165 lbs. Open - Perhach comes from a strong camp and has put his time in.


9.  Rick Borowski(Boyce) vs Isaac Herndon(Kastle Boxing , Johnstown) 170 lbs.- If you’re not excited to see Rick Borowski you probably shouldn’t call yourself a fight fan.  Not only is a he a great guy outside of fighting, he puts his time in the gym and it’s starting to pay off.

10. Kiante Irving(Yankello's) vs Eric Sydnor(Carebello's) 178 lbs. - Kiante is one of the region's best and hails from a great camp.  


11.  Rich Cantolina(Conn-Greb) vs Mike Rutkowski(Boyce) 155 lbs. - Richie has grown up right before our very eyes, it seems like just a few months ago he was KO’ing Mark Mcdonald and scrapping with Rell Hodge for the Pinnacle amateur title.   Fast forward a couple years and his improvements are undeniable, hence his main event slot and media coverage etc. We literally couldn't deny him, cause we tried.

That was a joke. 

Tickets are only $20 and the fights start at 7:00pm.  Come out and support your local fist swinger and have a beer or ten (please drink responsibly) because we both know there isn't much else going on anyway. 

See yinz there.