Gerald "G5" Sherrell Vs. Keith Bullock: Full Fight

Gerald Sherrell improved his record to spotless 3-0 with his first round KO over Michigan's Keith Bullock.  Sherrell is the blue chip prospect with huge potential for obvious reasons.  I will let you in on a not-so obvious but arguably the most important secret to G5's success.

He takes his job very, very seriously. 

Sherrell is in the gym day in and day out, honing his skills and sharpening his knives whether he has a fight on deck or not.   Hard work laps talent in this game and if you are lucky enough to be cast with both, then you will find yourself at the top of the pile. 

Just like G5.

Check out the video above as proof of this ever growing talent. 

On another semi related note:

We have an amateur show coming up in 2 weeks (7/23) at the teamster's hall featuring a star studded local cast.  Tickets are as cheap as $20 and you can expect all of the things you've come to like about our professional cards being applied to our amateur shows going forward.

Come out, drink a few beers and watch the next G5 and Sammy Vasquez cut their teeth inside the Pinnacle ropes.