Mazzotta vs. Richardson Set for Pinnacle FC 9/2

“The Honey Badger” officially has a target for his upcoming bantamweight bout September 2nd and this time he is taking on Keith Richardson (15-7) who is a bad motherfucker, for lack of a better term.  Former rival turned current revel Nichole Castillo has really outdone herself on this one.

Richardson has competed against anybody who is anybody on the regional northeast scene and currently holds wins over Frank Caraballo, Andrew Whitney, Rodrigo Lima and Eric Calderon.

More than likely you’re probably reading this going… Ok who the hell are those guys. Are they from Arnold or something? (That’s a little New Ken joke showing my regional awareness).

These aforementioned men are also nationally rated opponents who have fought some of the best in the country and Richardson shut them down.

In fact he recently shut 5 of them down in a row.    He also has competed in-cage against UFC vet Charles Rosa, Nate Landwher and a guy named Frank Milsap for christ sakes.  The significance of Frank Milsap in this equation is nil other than I kinda feel like he missed his chance to be an extra on the Soprano’s.  

My point is that this is another risky, dangerous, now semi short notice fight for Mazzotta who truthfully couldn’t care less who he fights or when. I’m 50/50 on Dom even knowing this guy’s name at this point.  It’s also for our relatively important bantamweight belt, I should probably throw that in there.

With Mazzotta, Cherico and Rudolph on the card, tickets will be basically non existent soon.  Most promoters say that in an effort to try and drive some last minute sales and create a supply/demand situation, but I’m telling yinz right now; We will not have many, if any, soon.  Shriners isn’t a huge place and whatever, you get the point. Also if you left me a shitty review (3 out of 5 stars or less)  last time when our card was destroyed by situations outside of our control, I have your name and I will strongly consider punching you in the face on site.  Not saying you can’t come in after, but I’m just letting you know where we’re at because if you are one of those guys, you know you’re a little worried.  

I’m like three quarters joking and also keenly aware I am inviting more shitty reviews.

Special thanks to our newest sponsor Farmers Insurance, they’ve got a ton of experience in the insurance world and understand that sometimes you might just accidentally light something on fire or drive something into a structure, not on purpose.

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