Mark Cherico Goes Up In Weight To Meet D'Jaun Owens At Pinnacle FC 14:

Biggie smalls taught us that when one finds himself in a shootout to stay low and keep firing.

This is the type of advice I would yell to my long time friend Mark Cherico as he makes his walk out to throw hands with his next opponent, D’Juan Owens (14-10).   Don’t let Owens’ record fool you, he has played host to many an upset and Cherico is meeting him at his preferred weight of 155 pounds.    

This is one of those fights that Mark needs to win to continue on in his career but it is going to be fucking wild up until if and when that moment happens.   

This is one of those super risky, dangerous, last minute type matchups that put Cherico staring down the barrel of a tough decision that Mark would probably rather not make at this stage of his career but he also needs the fight to keep moving forward.

Consider this, Owens has already played upset to UFC vet Dustin Pague, holds a win over Nate Landwehr, dropped a razor thin decision to Steve Smith and took out one time Ohio prospect John Washington. Trust me, no one at Mark’s career level wants to take on a risk like Owens, especially at a higher weight and on a few weeks notice.     

Risk is the name of the game at this level and also happens to be why yinz like what we do so much.

I’ll be releasing an updated card here soon but I’m going to Vegas/LA this weekend so I can’t really make any promises on a time frame, not that you care all that much anyway.  Just know that on paper and in real life this is the best cage fight you will ever go to in your life.  It’s kind of sad in a way because once it’s over everything else will be bland and innocuous but all the more reason to get involved.