The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Pinnacle FC 14 Amateur Card

So you all know and are familiar with most of the faces from the pro portion of Pinnacle FC 14, but what about the amateur card? Why should you care about these guys? Well, I'm here to tell you why. Check out my breakdown below.


If you follow Pinnacle FC on social media, you may have discovered that this event will be streamed live on FloCombat. They've kind of taken over the MMA streaming world, and the amateurs on this card will get the opportunity to be seen on a large stage.

4-New Academy blood

Ross Holub is just 18 years old, but he'll come in representing Mark Cherico's Academy in his first MMA bout. But this won't be the first time he's seen live combat sports action, as he already has a few Muay Thai smokers under his belt. Word is he's very well rounded and an exciting prospect. He'll be taking on Ryan Blankenship out of West Virginia, who already has three MMA bouts under his belt.


It's not very often that you see exciting young heavyweights in the sport, but that's exactly what we have to kick off the night. Tylor Gregg and Dakota Lemaster will be throwing down. Gregg made his debut earlier this year, winning via knockout in just 34 seconds. That's what we like to see.

2 - Gregg Freaking Rudolph

It's been awhile since we've seen The Lumberjack inside the Pinnacle FC cage, but he's been keeping busy knocking guys out with the heavy gloves and eating donuts. Now, he's back and ready to pounce on yet another foe. But he's got a very durable and strong foe in front of him in Shadi Gharfeh, who has a 5-to-1 experience edge over him in number of MMA fights. Don't blink when this one starts. In case you missed Rudolph's last Pinnacle FC fight, watch it here.

1-Title Fight

We did a full breakdown of this fight earlier in the week, but Anthony Romero and Mike Walters are set to do battle for the Pinnacle FC lightweight title. Two other guys have held that title: Nick Browne, and Chris Humes-Mitchell. Browne is now 6-0 and wrecking fools from every angle, and Humes-Mitchell is 3-0 and pretty much doing the same.

You've got two guys here who are under the age of 20 that we'll be seeing fight for a long time. So get used to their names.