Gregg Rudolph Returns To Cage-Fighting at Pinnacle FC 14

Our insurance agent hates him but here at Pinnacle headquarters we sure love us some Lumberjack.  That’s right, I'm talking about Gregg Rudolph. Better known as Gregg Fuckin’ Rudolph the new king of the streets with an undefeated Southside record of 17-0 holding current notable wins over local law enforcement and a handful of Pittsburgh Steeler alum.  

Simply put the Lumberjack just likes smashing up the place and figured why not jump on the biggest card of the year.  *Cough this card goes dahn Friday September 2nd at the Syria Shriners hall in Cheswick. 

Also added to this monstrosity of an event is crowd cringer and apparent rape choke extraordinaire (don’t get all offended it’s an actual thing) Devonte Smith.  He will step back inside the Pinnacle fences one more time to take on Xavier Nash in a professional bout that probably will not bode well for our “all ages” crowd.  Both guys are killers and heading into this one with the steam of a recent stoppage victory in their wake.

So if yinz needed another reason to head dahn Shriner’s Friday night for what is far and away the best pro/am fight card on the east coast, I just gave you two more fantastic points.

Addressing the rumors of this being the last Pinnacle MMA card: is this the last one? Maybe.  Does it really matter to anyone other than me and my small team of long time friends? Maybe.  I have taken my fair share of lumps in this shit and i go back and forth everyday.  Anyone who really knows me also knows that before every show I privately declare that I will never do this again and that started back at PFC 5.  So take it with a grain of salt you group of gossipy guses’.  

Tickets go on sale today (This is a link).  They will not last because of the obvious so if you are considering coming to this thing, get them sooner than later.