Pinnacle Boxing Presents Friday Night Fights In The Southside This Weekend:

We’ve been staying busy over here at the Pinnacle labs as of late and that is mostly because if we don’t a couple of us resort to drinking excessively, recreational drug use and random acts of violence.  And by a “couple of us”, I mean all of us - allegedly of course.

What can I say, when you’re wired like this, boredom can be dangerous.

So to prevent this potential situation from becoming more rampant than need be, we keep ourselves busy with projects like cagefighting, shooting various mechanized weapons and playing around on the interwebs.  

You know, normal people shit.

In a few short days, we will bring to you a solid boxing amateur card featuring most of the best guys in tahn throwing way harder than you expect all for the low, low price of $20 a ticket.

We’re practically giving these away.

This card is chalked full of “oh shit” type match ups and a couple “didn’t even think he’d take that” style affairs.

I know this is more or less status quo for us at this point, but this article wouldn’t have the same appeal if I said “The same as all the other times, just different”. Don’t forget that this card is at the Sokol Club in the Southside because our last venue decided to call us last minute and pull the plug on everything because of, believe it or not, this website and a higher than anticipated attendance at our last show.

Chalk it up to growing pains I guess?

Anyway; here is the card in all it’s magical glory below, along with some notations provided by yours truly:

Ed Bohler vs Bryan Gedeon: heavyweight Masters 3-1 min rounds - The “masters” division means that these gentlemen are over the age of 35.  Which used to seem unbelievable old until I turned 33 this year and now it seems unbelievably close.

Max Leasock(Kastle boxing) vs Nate Young (board's boxing): 15-16 yr old 150 lbs, 3-2 min

Morgan Bruinsma (Erie Boxing) vs Alexa Muselin( Brownson House): Open 145 lbs 3-2 min

Gordon Kirkland(Erie Boxing) vs Neiamiah Hollingern(Pittsburgh Boxing Club) 15-16 yr old 130 lbs, 3-2 min

Orlando Ellis (Kastle Boxing) vs Maxim Yanovich (WVU Boxing) novice 170 lbs 3-2 min - Yanovich has a unique style that you don’t see too often around these parts.  Prepare for half of the crowd to be puzzled and the other half to gawk in amazement. Either way be prepared to be 100% entertained.

Steve Cunningham Jr. vs Vince Austin (The Foundation) 14-15 yr old, 120 lbs, 3-2 min - Cunningham is son to active veteran Steve Cunningham Sr. who has fought all over the world against some of the best in the game. It’s not going to shock you when I tell you his son is pretty damn sharp himself.

Shamar Fulton vs Josh Mook, open 141 lbs 3-3 min rounds

Josh Fremd (Uniontown Fight Club/Boyce) vs Daryl Edwards (3rd Ave)novice, 200 lbs, 3-2 - Josh Fremd is coming in fresh off his shocking stoppage win over the very talented Kyle Holt who in his defense, stepped up to the plate last minute and at every conceivable disadvantage.  Fremd is on a roll right now and looking to keep that momentum going against Edwards.  Don’t be surprised if this one is tougher than you think, Edwards can fight his ass off.

Fadi Shuman (Mat Factory) vs Tyler Ainscough (Wellsburg), novice, 152 lbs - If you fell in love with Fadi Shuman, like most of us, did following his wars with Isaiah Williams, Nick Browne, Anthony Romero and the like, then you will be happy to know that his style hasn’t changed much.  The nicest guy in the game always comes to fight way harder than you’d expect from dude who is so polite he should consider teaching a class in etiquette.  Ainscough is a very tough kid who is looking to build some momentum with a win over a well known guy like Shuman.  This is probably the sleeper fight of the night.

Sylvio Cercone(51 Boxing ) vs Isaiah Guy(Uniontown Fight Club), 15-16 yrs old, 135 lbs, 3-2 min - At 16 Cercone is a veteran as far as amateurs go which is great because I have been hearing nothing but good things about Guy so it will be very interesting to see what happens in this one.

Co- Main Event

Teddy Mrkonja Jr.(51 Boxing) vs Danny Bodish(Steel City Boxing) open, 130 lbs, 3-3 min rounds - So you know how we tend to think of today’s youth as being softer than we remember? It kinda feels like every kid sub 17 feels like a huge pussy compared to “when we were kids”?  Well if you’re nodding in agreement right now, you will be happy to know that both Mrkonja and Bodish are exceptions to today’s sissified rule.  Both of these men are barely old enough to vote but will beat the dogshit out of most of the current population young and old alike.  These kids come to fight. Period. End of sentence.  No seriously, it’s the end of the sentence, but I also mean they come to fight and ending it with “period” ads a dramatic effect..  You get the point.

Main Event

Rich Cantolina (Cherico Martial Arts) vs Scott Perhach(Brownson House)open 160 lbs, 3-3 min rounds

These two have been circling each other for awhile and the dislike for each other has gone digital at this point.  A few “accidentally on-purpose” after the bell punches can make anyone a touch salty and here we are, a main event with more salt than the dead sea (it’s the saltiest ocean for you lazy bastards who won’t google to see how clever I am).  This is one of those fights that pretty much has to happen so why not here and why not now?  Styles make fights and not only do these gentlemen dress alike, they also have contrasting styles that should make this thing a shoot out from the bell.   Factor in that they just genuinely dislike each other for whatever reason *Cough Facebook comment section + Cheap shots = good enough for me* and we have a main event with some heat.  

Tickets are available at the door and the first bell is at 7:15ish.  Remember, this card is going down at the Sokol Club: 2912 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203