2/25 Pinnacle BC Card and Other "Stuff"

Attention friends, fakers and fuckers alike:

It is my absolute pleasure to let you know that I will be risking my personal financial stability yet again, to bring you another professional boxing production involving some of the more unique personalities in the game today. They say that when you are street smart, money is your report card and lately I’ve been maintaining that GPA at a steady 4.0 so why not risk it with another elective this semester?  At this point you guys have probably gathered that I’m not fucking around and when I say Pinnacle is putting something big together by now you know that I mean it.  

I’m working on something that is such a game changer for me and my merry band of weirdos that I’m still kinda in shock. Which means of course I am also sitting here just waiting for it to fall through.  Aside from my personal expectations of failure and doom-slash- gloom, this thing looks and feels very for real.  Before you ask; Yes, I am being serious and no I can’t say anything yet because of some bullshit about something not happening or whatever.

What I can tell you about right now is this banger of an event we have coming together February 25th and the subsequent card that follows.  In my mostly legal, semi-legendary, kinda shitty but surprisingly successful (Thanks Cody) career as a promoter I have been asked to leave more than a few public spaces.   I chalk it up to part of the growing pains of this thing.  They (the venues) like to complain about occupancy limits and my general disregard for them but I personally like to hang on to the more fun-to-mention facts.  Like for instance I’m almost positive that nothing has been lit on fire to date and so far no one has gotten pregnant during one of the shows.  As far as I know.   With that said, we are going to “The Club” in Monroeville for our next show and the above is the only way I know how to say something without just saying it.

The women in my life have taught me that part.

Our combat community is a growing organism that supports its own and I am happy to be a part of it.  If some venues don’t love us arguing with their ushers about the tickets I screwed up or if you accidentally on purpose pass out somewhere that you should almost certainly be awake at,  who am I to judge?

The fight is going down at “The Club” in Monroeville which is nice a change from it’s usual Friday night venue; the mall.  How long do you think I’ve been sitting on that little gem? Hint: a weirdly long amount of time.  I love that joke and will use it every chance I get.  

And without further babble, here is the card:

Bill Hutchinson is our main event taking on another “tougher than you expect” guy in Jonathan Hernadez.  Hutchinson looks better every fight and Hernadez is a straight forward brawler looking to make things uncomfortable for the Pittsburgh prospect. Hutch has all the tools to be in the national scene at 135 pounds, but a few stars need to collide beforehand.   You'd be safe in surmising that this is arguably the most important fight in Hutchinson's career.

Leemont Johnson is laser beam lefty who beats people in a way that looks so effortless you’ll pull most of the credit from his prospect pile and push it towards the “just a shitty opponent” pile.  Oh, you’re not “that guy” huh?  Of course not, me either.

For the first time in a long time, the words “Gregg Rudolph’s fighting someone in Monroeville” will take on an entirely new meeting.  The Lumberjack is coming into the bout fresh on the hills of his dazzling debut performance against Larry Blakey and is looking to keep that momentum heading downfield against Erick Plumeri. The question is, just how good is Gregg Rudolph?

When I say the world’s greatest exhibition fight of all time, I’m talking about arguably the greatest match-up in the history of combat sports featuring Sam “The Butcher” Suska taking on Rayco “War” Saunders.  I can’t even begin to tell yinz how great this crossing of swords will be for the average boxing fan.  You have one guy who can’t get hit at all competing against a guy who can’t not get hit at least once.  It’s genius.

Dann Cucutta is making his professional boxing debut against homewood’s own Larry Blakey.  You may remember Blakey from his recent shoot out with “The Lumberjack” Gregg Rudolph in what will go down as one of our best match-ups to date.  Cucutta has a deep kickboxing background and was sparring partner to the at one time invincible Roy Jones Jr.  Blakey has been blasting people out at our club a few days a week so if you like fisticuffs, this one has your name all over it.

Another Cherico Martial Arts instructor set to make his professional punching only debut is none other than Khama “The Deathstar” Worthy.   You may remember him from such Pinnacle highlight reels involving his war with Reggie Merriweather or his grudge match against now training partner Francis Healy.  How about the time he KO’d Jacob Butler in Greentree?  Obviously his come from behind stoppage over Tony Castillo is a major talking point.  He will throw hands with fellow Pinnacle FC vet Darnell Pettis in what is probably going to scare your mom when you show her the clips of what you were doing last night.  

“Oh my god ____ they are really hurting each other why would someone want to do that?”

You know exactly what I’m talkin about.

My personal friend and possible spirit animal, Rick “The Pitbull” Borowski is set to make his professional debut in a day that has been a long time coming.   This will be the first time Borowski punches someone in public and ends up being the one getting paid for it.  He will take on MMA vet Dante Adams in what could potentially be something to legitimately worthy of writing home about.  I’m talking about some old school, pugilistic violence that will make you dawn animal skins and pen your loved one a letter on parchment scratched with a fucking feather and some ink in a little jar.

You don’t see D White lacing Jada kiss verses and pointing out how out of touch our parents are about the violence for entertainment market now do you?

Tickets are on sale now and available through your favorite fighter listed above. I’m not even playing around with online tickets for this one mostly because I’m lazy, but also because they benefit from you buying tickets off them.