Khama Worthy Vs. Darnell Pettis Set For Pinnacle BC 2/25


Dear half readers and title skimmers,

It's officially official. I am pleased to tell you that we have put together one of the more interesting boxing match ups in a long while.  Khama Worthy will take on Darnell Pettis in his professional boxing debut under the Pinnacle banner February 25th in Monroeville at "The Club".   Nichole Castillo helped us put this one together which shouldn't be a huge surprise but shout out to her for getting this one together. 

Yes, this is a thunderdome style match up of what will probably end up being an over the top display of violence and spectacle mixed up with 8 oz gloves.  I don’t think I have to remind most of you who Khama Worthy is, but just in case, check out this highlight clip below.

Now for those of you who kinda sorta remember Darnell Pettis, you may remember his huge KO win over Davey Crockett which ended up making the top 20 of Spike Tv’s top 100 knockouts.   You can check that out here.

This is what we are going for here at the Pinnacle labs; head on collisions.   Sure we love the art as much as the next person but let’s not pretend like all of us don’t love a good ol’ fashion shoot out between two guys with a history of delivering chaotic, sometimes disturbing, but mostly violent performances.  

We are known for not fucking around and 2017 will be our year starting off with our biggest card of the year (duh) and here is a little preview of the cast:

Bill Hutchinson has been beating the shit out of everyone in camp (video)

Gregg Rudolph will, for the first time ever, fight someone legally in the great city of Monroeville

Dan Cucutta will be making his professional debut against Larry Blakey

Khama Worthy Vs. Darnell Pettis - Obviously

Leemont Johnson - If you don’t know, you will know.

Rayco Saunders and Sam The Butcher Suska in what will be the biggest, most amazing drama show you’ve ever desired in a no holds bar fight to the death exhibition bout.