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Members Only: What do you think about this?

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 23 July 2011

Please take one minute and check this out: I have been debating on a few site changes as of late, mostly out of necessity, and I wanted to ask the members of this site (those who login and post everyday) if there is anything that you would like me to add or change on your member profile(s).

  •  I am going to set up an members only section in the forums, so that if you want to pick up sponsors, make fights, or basically anything else, you can. Yes, you can do this now but I am going to make it easier and more efficient for you.
  •  You'll notice some new changes when you login, such as member blogs and "highest users" columns, these features are only visible to members and are a easy way to track your input on the site. I am going to give away T shirts and other stuff to our highest users, why? For the f*ck of it.
  •  I am not going to remove anonymous posting(because you voted that you don't mind it), but I am going to be screening them because of legal implications that come out of blatant shit talk/public slander. I personally dont care for the "hating" that comes out in troves when certain people or events are brought up, but that doesn't mean you aren't allow to disagree.
  •  I am going to be adding a "Gym" section that will list local gyms with their contact information, class schedules, trainers etc. If you would like to have your gym posted here, please post your information here or send me a message. This is great free advertising and you will be able to give your gym an identity.
  • If you own a business and want to advertise with us, hit me up on the private message, I am really only interested in local businesses though. Speaking of advertising, you'll notice besides our awesome sponsor RXWhey, we have none. This is completely my choice, I am here to promote the sport not make money off of it. Now that doesn't always work, for instance our site traffic is so high at times that it jams our servers and we are forced to pull it offline. This is because I do not run off of a dedicated server yet which costs considerably more money. This is where I am willing to help local businesses promote their products so I can continue working on my obsession. 

I am looking to create a forum where an educated conversation about combat sports goes down daily. Anything I can do to make it easier for those of you who are on here multiple times a day; let me know because I am doing this specifically for you. I appreciate everyone who comes on here everyday and puts up with my poor grammar and what not.


Damn my animated avatar I usually use for profiles wont work here, or I cant get it to work. Do animated gifs work here?

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Looks like there is an issue with animated GIFs... Working on a solution for you :)

Angry- Good question.  My initial guess would be yes. I will find out for you and get back to you shortly.

Im going to leave this forum open for awhile so if you can think of something or have questions, problems etc. Post em here and Ill find em.


Thanks for your participation.

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Hey thanks for taking the time to run a site for me to participate on. You don't have to go out of your way just so I can use an animated gif. I just like it cause it's weird al and he is dressed up in Amish uniform. I gotta rep colors yo.

im happy to help a valued, contributing member.  Thats how we roll round' here. 

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 Everything sounds and looks good. I enjoy watching the videos from local gyms and the episodes of STU Live, couple more of those would be great. You all do a great job giving exposure to local fighters and giving fans a look inside the sport we all love.

Pretty simple, clear and concise. 1 request if i may...more T&A flicks please. Thank you in advance.

T&A is always good. Hmmm... Smith makes the call: porn edition? Hehe

I like where you're going with that "Angry_Amish", it's got a good beat and I think I can dance to it. Let me check with the management.

PS, Kick ass user name!

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It all sounds good to me!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13



@Dgabig   we are shooting an STU live at South Hills judo sometime in early august.

@Angry_Amish Nice username and we  see what we can do.

@rheinerpe did you get your sponsor stuff squared away?

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@Mattl Good stuff bro. Looking forward to seeing all of you @ the seminar August 6 at South Hills Judo.... and yes that was a plug for the PTT Seminar. 

Im lookin to stop in at least for a minute. Plug away my man you guys earned it.

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