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By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 25 June 2011

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Dudes obviously got a couple loose screws.....maybe a toof too

ThickAsThievesFightCo's picture

mwahaha nothin like some comment drama!


wow thick as thieves came out of nowhere!

yeah...and thats where they are going.

Ninja please!

pitbull's picture

If people like you didnt hate we wouldn't be doing it right ...Anonymous

Hey anonymous, post ur name. Anybody in the game knows that those guys arent just involved in cage fighting but theyre all guys that would slit ur mothers throat just for fun. Id love to see what happens when they find out who u are.

great idea...lets implicate these guys in future assaults by posting anonymously. post your name anonymous. It really does take a tough guy to make threats for someone else in a comment, im sure these guys would be real happy with you doing that. slit someones mothers throat? so attacking and assaulting women is ok with your buddies? sound like real stand up guys getting mad because some poster disagrees with you? thick as thieves ISNT GOING TO DO SHIT and you fucking know it.

For real. Without naming names I know 1 of them for sure has bullet holes in his house from the lifestyle he keeps. If your smart you'll just buy a thick as thieves shirt and keep smilin and keep your head down fool. Those boys are no posers.

Yeah lets brag about the non existent crimes your boyfriends commit LOL nobody cares about their lifestyle or their clothing company. yet another clothing company......the owners are real hard LOL fighting in shin pads in an old kmart in greensburg LOL nobody cares about bullet holes obviously you have to be pretty hated to have someone shoot up your house LOL keep your head down? yeah kids from the suburbs sure are scary, next time post YOUR NAME sissy

Mark dixon. Now better yet, fight fan post ur ADDRESS.

pitbull's picture

Someone needs chin checked. Post all the bs comments you want claiming to know who we are. Fact of the matter is you dont, but there is a lot of real people and legit fighters that believe in what we are doing. If you dont like it fuck you fightfan. Let see if you got what it takes to train everyday for years and work up the nerve to even step into that cage just once. You wont cause your just a coward with a comment opinion that nobody gives a shit about. Everyone of our sponsored fighters is dedicated there lives to this sport. I know each one personally and to say there not for real just shows your lack of knowledge for local talent. ALSO No one here condones slitting mothers throats, but we might fuck her :0)  THICKasTHIEVES           

Well put rick. After all....doesnt your shoulder badge on your shirt say mother fuckers inc. ?

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